May 12, 2006 / 14 Iyar, 5766
Shabbat Begins: 7:43 PM
Parshat Emor

From the Desk of Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky

We are eagerly looking forward to hosting our alumni for the first ever DRS Alumni Reunion Shabbaton. We are so excited that 75 boys representing the classes of '01, '02, '03 and '04 will be coming back to spend a Shabbat with their former classmates and Rabbeim. We will be conducting spirited tefilot at the Yeshiva, with early Shabbat tonight beginning with Mincha at 6:20pm, and Shacharit tomorrow morning at the Yeshiva at 8:45am. Everyone is invited to join us.

We invite everyone down to Yeshiva this coming Wednesday night, for a shiur from world renowned speaker Rabbi Paysach Krohn, who will be speaking on the topic of "Eternal Luminaries: Guideposts From the Past for Our Kabalat Hatorah for the Future". We offer special thanks to the Rothman and Schertz families for sponsoring the shiur. We also thank Rav Herschel Schachter Shlita, for delilvering a shiur this past Wednesday night in our Bait Medrash. It was a zchut for us to host him. We thank the Steinmetz and Hagler families for sponsoring the shiur.

Yasher Kochachem to the Hockey team, and their coach Larry Gross, for helping raise $10,000 for Chai Lifeline through our annual "Green and White" Charity Hockey Game. This really shows that our sports teams have learned how to take the sense of sportsmanship and dedication to a goal that they learned on the court and apply it to life in general. The donation was made l'iluy nishmat Zavel Yeshaya Peralman Z"L.

We strongly urge residents of District 15 to vote in the School Board election this coming Tuesday, May 16th, Lag B'omer. The election effects how education tax dollars are spent in the District, and our voices need to be heard on these issues.

Wishing you an enjoyable, restful, and inspiring Shabbat........

Kol Tuv,

Yisroel Kaminetsky

In This Issue
  • AP Season @ DRS
  • Yom Chaverut: DRS Welcomes Class of 2010
  • Annual Green and White Game Raises Over $10,000 for Chai Lifeline
  • Rav Schachter Kicks off Pre-Shavuot Shiurim
  • DRS Softball Teams Start Season with a Bang!
  • Join us on Wednesdays for our Pre-Shavuot Shiurim
  • DRS Hosting First Ever Alumni Shabbaton This Shabbat
  • Join Coach Bank for his Annual Basketball Camp
  • Spring Test Schedule
  • May Activity Calendar

  • Yom Chaverut: DRS Welcomes Class of 2010

    By Yair Saperstein (’08)

    DRS welcomed the largest incoming class in its history on Sunday, as the Yom Chaverut event kicked off the student activity schedule for the class of 2010 even before they have become students at DRS! Rabbi Kaminetsky welcomed the students, giving the incoming freshmen a taste of the DRS experience, and Mr. Feldman followed with some information on the general studies program.

    The future DRS students then joined together in the gym for some informal ice breakers, including the ever popular “name game,” designed to help the incoming students to meet each other and develop a sense of achdut throughout the grade. The students left the program excited about their upcoming four years of high school, and we are looking forward to great things from the class of 2010.

    Annual Green and White Game Raises Over $10,000 for Chai Lifeline

    By Yona Saperstein (’06)

    This past Tuesday Night, DRS hosted its annual green & white game to benefit Chai Lifeline. To kick off the evening, the championship banners of the Varsity and JV teams were raised in a moving ceremony. Then, the members of the Junior Varsity and Varsity hockey teams played an intense game of hockey, with the 9th and 12th graders joining forces to take on the 10th and 11th graders. After a long battle, the 10th and 11th grade team won by a score of 3-1.

    At the end of the game, Seniors Steven Genachowski, Doni Ross and Yitzi Lederman presented dedicated coach Larry Gross with an engraved iPod as a token of gratitude for his hard work on behalf of the team. The game raised over $10,000 for Chai Lifeline, and a check was presented to this worthy organization by Athletic Director Rabbi Storch and Rabbi Kaminetsky.

    Rav Schachter Kicks off Pre-Shavuot Shiurim

    By Benjie Frieling (’09)

    This past Wednesday night, in what has become a beautiful DRS tradition, the yeshiva kicked off its much heralded pre-Shavuot lecture series with a shiur by HaRav Hershel Schachter, shlita. “Rav Schachter is a walking Shas, Tanach, and Shulchan Aruch”, remarked Rabbi Kaminetsky in his introduction. The DRS Bait Medrash was filled with over 150 members of the community, and in another first, was broadcast live on the internet through DRSradio.com. Rav Schachter spoke about the differences between the Written and Oral Torah. One of his points included that the Written Torah was given to the entire world, but the Oral Torah was created only for Jews. He also taught that the Rabbanan in the time of the Talmud could establish laws on the level of Torah laws. The general attitude of the students can be surmised by the statement of one: “the shiur was fantastic.”

    Be sure to join us this Wednesday evening at DRS, where Rabbi Paysach Krohn will speak at 9 pm. DRSradio.com will be broadcasting that shiur live as well. You can also download all shiurim as they become available in the archives of DRSradio.com.

    DRS Softball Teams Start Season with a Bang!

    By Zeke Miller (’07), Student Editor in Chief

    Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time once again for DRS Softball! The DRS Softball teams have just begun their seasons, with both the Varsity and JV squads playing doubleheaders last Friday.

    The Varsity team, coached by Larry Gross, played Rambam in both games. After suffering a tough loss in the first game, the team rallied behind pitcher Yoni Fein to win in classic come from behind fashion by a score of 6-4. The team was carried by Ariel Auman’s two home runs as well as one by Baruch S. Abittan. Down to their last out in the last inning, and with a man on first and third, Baruch smacked a three run home run to leftfield to put the team up 6-4. Yoni Fein finished off the game with a quick final inning.

    The JV Team, coached by Rabbi Eli Brazil and Eli Neuburg, played HAFTR in the first game and North Shore in the second. The squad lost the first game, but rallied to win the second by a score of 20- 10. This game ended in the 5th inning via the ten run mercy rule. Strong pitching was provided by Yoni Weitz, Effie Klein and Jonathan Weiss. Ninth Grader Amichai Portnoy started off the DRS rally with a home run in the 1st inning, and DRS never stopped running. Later in the game, tenth grader Sammy Schertz smacked a three run home run to help DRS seal the win. As usual, DRS led the league in team refreshments with barbeques at each game expertly manned by Jason Hagler, Josh Weinstock and Zachary Grossman.

    Join us on Wednesdays for our Pre-Shavuot Shiurim

    We are excited to once again present an exciting pre-shavuot shiur program for the general community. This year’s schedule includes presentations from Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Rabbi Meir Goldvicht, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, and Rabbi Herschel Schachter. We look forward to seeing you there. Men and women are invited to attend.

    DRS Hosting First Ever Alumni Shabbaton This Shabbat

    We are pleased to welcome over 70 DRS alumni joining students and faculty this Shabbat for our first ever alumni shabbaton.

    Join Coach Bank for his Annual Basketball Camp

    Spring Test Schedule

    May Activity Calendar

    AP Season @ DRS

    By Jason Strauss (’07)

    The workload was intense, sleep was a mere afterthought, and students were found in every nook and cranny of the campus with books and notes in hand. AP week at DRS was tough, but after taking the exams, everyone appreciated the hard work they had put in to their courses the entire year.

    The Advanced Placement program at DRS includes European History for sophomores, US Government, Calculus AB, Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology for the juniors, and US History, English, and Music Theory for seniors. Starting May 3, students in those classes took the exams that they had feverishly prepared for through after-school reviews, hours of studying, and a full library of Barron’s, Princeton, and Cliff’s review books. Many students were very relieved after it was all over. One student who had taken three AP tests mentioned, “It’s like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.” Thank you to Assistant Principal Mr. Rahr for his great job as a proctor as well as for organizing and streamlining the complicated AP registration process.

    Upcoming Events

    The annual Sophomore and Junior Class Trips will be taking place on May 17-18. Please be sure to send in your permission form and payment as soon as possible!

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